Imagine walking into a space where the flooring and walls seem to extend forever, creating an illusion of splendour and spaciousness. That is what large-format tiles do. These tiles are taking over the interior design world. Long gone are the days of messing around with a million little squares. Large-format tiles are not just about size. Large-format tiles exist in wide varieties of designs, textures, colours, and finishes—ready to take any space from ordinary to extraordinary. These tiles include patterns that make a big impression and timeless elegance that will excite any person’s imagination.  

Large-Format Tile Design Ideas 

Marble Tile Design:

Large-format marble-effect tiles instil classic elegance and modern refinement to ensure any space is transformed with an air of luxury. These large tiles not only convey beautiful aesthetics but also offer a practical solution of low maintenance and highly improved durability over actual marble surfaces.  

Wood-Look Tile Design: 

Wood-look tiles give great benefits, with the same cosiness and beauty as carpet floors. They provide a seamless look and stretch spaces, and they are more resilient and easier to clean. You can get this excellent wood effect without all the hassle when realistic textures and finishes are available. 

Textures Tile Design:

Textured large-format tiles make a double impact on the design! Their impressive size delivers a luxurious, seamless appearance, and it is the textures that provide a captivating visual interest. They can uniquely provide a feeling of expansiveness to a space as well as band focal points that create conversation. 

Cement Tile Design:

Cement tiles are breathtakingly beautiful with their reduced grout lines, creating a sense of space. Besides, they are also constant and ideally fitted for suited architectural areas, whereby they last for years. With stylish patterns and many colours, they will add some industrial chic to your space, satisfying both functional and aesthetic purposes. 

Metal-Look Tile Design:

Large is beautiful! Metal-look tiles have very smooth and spacious effects that instantly make the room appear larger. These come with stylish finishes like silver or copper, which provide an instant touch of modern luxury without the dings of actual metal. 

Natural Stone Tile Design:

Large natural stone tiles offer a smooth and luxurious feel to any room. They have amazing stone designs, such as marble, that will exude classic luxury or striking textures, giving a contemporary statement. They also minimise grout lines for a cleaner appearance. 

Vitrified Tile Design:

Large-format tiles have fewer grout lines, thus giving the impression of a luxury area and space. They are available in designs ranging from traditional to modern geometrics that will suit every taste. They are also great kitchen and bathroom renovation options because they are easy to clean and highly durable.

Geometric Tile Design:

Geometric tiles in large format develop double the charm of design, with versatile sizes purporting a smooth and contemporary look that easily blends with different decor styles. Further, this tile’s intricate patterns add a pop of fun to the visual appeal and character of any space. It gives an instant rise in ambience with elegance and a hint of uniqueness to any room it adorns. 

Terrazzo Tile Design:

Terrazzo tiles have a modern twist, uniquely placed on the classic sophistication shown by their traditional cousins. Being larger, these tiles would give less visibility to grout lines and draw the eye to intricate chip designs, creating a seamless, luxurious feel. Moreover, terrazzo still exudes enduring charm while retaining timeless allure that makes it both resilient and stylish for high-traffic areas. 

Glossy Tile Design:

Large glossy tiles are truly a statement of modern luxury in every space. Not only will their impressive size lend a sleek look by minimising the grout lines, but the lustre plays with light in a manner that can add to the perception of spaciousness. Therefore, they make great tools for style in any room, serving as an ideal focal point that injects drama across its ambience. 


Unleash the potential of your space with large-format tiles. Whether you prefer timelessness or modern drama, there is some design for every style. Explore the variety of large-format tiles that Orientbell has in store for you and bring your dream home into being.