Sapphires are said to be one of the most sought-after gemstones primarily because of its colour and secondly because of the benefits that it helps harvest into the life of the person wearing it. The sapphires are usually fond in two colours but the blue sapphires have a different charm which should not be compared with any other gemstone. There are various ways through which this gemstone is used in the jewellery such as in the form of sapphire earrings UK, engagement rings, etc. But the best way in which it can be used is in the rings as there are various reasons which favour this. 

The first reason why the sapphires are considered for the rings is its durability. This gemstone ranks 9 on the Mohs only after diamonds and are therefore considered to be quite strong and durable gemstone. This durability increases the chances of rough usage on the daily needs as the wearer is free of any fear of the gemstone getting damaged or chapped. The colour of this gemstone is another important factor why is it widely bought and used. The sapphires are available in the form of red sapphire called rubies, the yellow, black and blue sapphires as well. The blue one is the most widely bought one among all these. The sapphires are considered to be rare in comparison to the diamonds and therefore is more valuable. Although the blue sapphire is the least expensive one and therefore can be afforded easily. 

The blue sapphire is therefore the best gemstone for any gemstone engagement rings as they have the durability, the colour, an affordable price and a unique charm that attracts everyone. This is the reason why it should be preferred by individuals.

If you are someone interested in knowing more about the sapphire gemstone rings then please read the infographic attached and you will have a fair idea about the gemstone.