When a couple has just planned to have a baby and faces failure in the first attempt, they have so many questions in their mind. So those couples should need to read this blog since we (Fertility experts of Gomti Thapar Hospital) have covered each of such questions.


Note: We are answering the question generically. But the answers can also vary depending upon the individual condition of the couples. So to know the individualised answers, please consult the gynaecologist and the fertility specialist of the Gomti Thapar Hospital which is the best IVF centre in Punjab.


  1. Why Have We Failed In The First Attempt?

As per the experts of the fertility clinic in Bathinda, “There could be many reasons for it:

  • You may have not done sex on the fertile days

  • You have taken the pregnancy test so early

  • Your body was not ready for the conception

  • You have not consulted the gynaecologist before trying

  • You are not keeping up with the good lifestyle

  • You are stressed with something

  • You are not avoiding the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes

  • You are suffering from some kind of infertility issue:

  • Endometriosis

  • Blocked Fallopian tubes

  • Weak Uterus

  • PCOS “


  1. Who Among Us Is Responsible For Not Being Able To Have The Baby?

First of all, no matter whether it is the male or the female, who is suffering from infertility, you should take this thing as a team. Do not say, ‘He is impotent’ or ‘She is suffering from infertility. Just say ‘We are infertile’. It will give a boost to your partner to work on the issues.


Now, Both of the partners can suffer from infertility. Infertility is not gender-specific.


  1. Can It Be Treated? What If It Doesn’t Get Treated?

Think positive! Infertility is curable. In certain aggravated cases, it cannot be reversed. But you can still have the baby. There are so many ART procedures that do not deprive you of the joy of having a healthy baby.


  1. Do We Need To Make Some Changes In Our Daily Routine So That We Do Not Face Any Complications In Conception?

Yes, there are some things which you need to switch and some others which you are suggested to preclude:

  • Avoid smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs and the  tobacco

  • Eat lots of fruits and the green left vegetables

  • Make sure you are not having any kind of the nutritional deficiency

  • Do not be a couch potato

  • Do not remain stressed

  • Stop eating junk food



If you are a foodie and finding it difficult to put a check on your cravings, then uninstall all the food delivering apps from your phone.


  1. Which hospital should we visit to get ourselves checked?

Visiting Gomti Thapar Hospital will be reliable since the expert doctors practising in this hospital have a vast knowledge about pregnancy and infertility issues.


They will not suggest you the medication or the surgical treatment at the first go, rather you will be asked to take up some kinds of home remedies for your betterment.