Studying in London, the capital city of the UK and England is a dream of a large number of international students throughout the world without a second thought. From the 19th century to the current century, which is the 21st century, many students have visited London to get higher education. Today also, a large number of students are inclined towards visiting London after their school education, pre-university, graduation, or post-graduation for getting graduate, postgraduate, or PhD degrees. London is one of the top two global cities and financial hubs in the world and has been either 1st or 2nd rank among the rankings in the global cities. The city, with which it swaps its position very often is New York, USA.

The next requirement of students who succeed in fulfilling their dream of enrolling in London is accommodation. It would be good if you choose your dream apartment in London along with studying in your dream city. And, it is not a difficult task nowadays. With the help of some best websites that offer accommodation to students who go to study abroad, you can get the best apartment in London. So, you can book accommodation nowadays from your home country, and after reaching London, you have no need to look for accommodation and are just required to shift to your new residence from the airport in London.

Here, you’ll read about the best websites to book your dream apartment in London. is a website, which lists the best accommodations and provides ideal options through which you can find accommodation according to your preferences and budget. When you open this website, you find various modules among which the prominent ones are a search box and the names of the major cities with their images.

You can either enter “London” in the search box to reach the London’s page or can click “London” among the cities for the same purpose. On London’s page, you find three tabs with captions “Student Housing”, “Private Apartments”, and “Home Stays”. By default, you reach the “Student Housing” tab where you find the list of off-campus student housing properties available in London. By clicking the other tabs, you find the lists of private rental apartments and homestays. By clicking the name/image of each property/apartment/homestay, you reach its dedicated page and can read its details. On the pages of off-campus housing properties and private apartments, you find details like prices, amenities, distances from universities, stay durations, accommodation variants, and more. Homestays’ pages provide the details given by the owners.

Some excellent options are available to ease the process for you to find student accommodation. One of them is the “filter” option, which allows you to filter the lists of housing properties and private apartments on the basis of price ranges, amenities, shared/private rooms, shared/private bathrooms, room types, and more. Besides, you can sort the list according to prices from low to high and high to low or on the basis of best offers. The list of homestays can also be filtered on the basis of preferred room types, preferred bathroom types, preferred bed types, meals provided, etc.

One more useful option on is the “comparison” option. This option allows you to compare the details of multiple properties and private apartments on a single webpage. You can compare their prices, amenities, distances from universities, and some more things through this feature. There are also two restrictions of this feature. First, you can compare up to 4 properties or apartments in one go. Second, you can compare the properties/apartments in a city with other properties/apartments in the same city. In this case, you can compare properties/apartments in London with other properties/apartments in London only and not with those available in Southampton or any other city.

After selection, you can book the accommodation through the booking option on the website.

Another website that can be used in this regard is where also you find the lists of accommodation properties available in London by entering “London” in the search box or clicking “London”. The list can be filtered here also by using on the basis of room type, price, how to book, special offers, etc.

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