Heat transfer projects have become prominent, especially among do-it-yourself and crafting enthusiasts. These projects entail moving cuts usually from heat transfer vinyl (HTV) onto other fabrics. This brings up the issue of whether these heat transfer projects can be made from custom kraft paper that a person buys and special orders from the store. 

In this article, however, we plan to look at this possibility, X-ray this type of kraft paper against other kinds of kraft paper, and look at the pros and cons of using it for heat transfers.

The kraft Edition

Custom kraft paper having a polyethylene layer on one side is its common form and it is particularly produced in custom sizes to meet specific requirements. It is mainly used to encase and safeguard foodstuffs; however, some of the distinct characteristics of this paper have contributed to making it handy in the art and crafting industries. The polyethylene covering enables it to stick temporarily on frosted surfaces by ironing; it can, therefore, be used for heat transfer.

The Importance 

Black kraft paper is a tough paper that is a commonly used type of paper in many crafting activities. Despite its general black hue, it has a darker shade that allows for lighter colors to be applied thus making it famous for contrast in heat transfer. Nonetheless, since black kraft paper is different from freezеr paper it has a different stickiness issue which turns out to be a disadvantage for heat translations.


Waxed kraft paper like custom kraft paper has a layer that almost sticks to surfaces once they have been heated. This temporary bond is especially extremely beneficial when it comes to heat transfer projects as it assists in maintaining the structure’s position during the transferring process. Another application of waxed kraft paper is that it can be printed according to the needs and desires of the user which certainly will be valuable for crafting. In turn, the potential should be used in combination with wholesale kraft paper sheets to develop complex, multilevel ornaments.

Specific Application

Custom printed kraft paper in a customized manner seems to be capable of almost anything. When it comes to your choice of paper, you can either go for white kraft paper or brown kraft paper, but with the customization of your prints, you can source whatever designs would best suit a certain need. Although it has no sticking power like kraft paper, it can be used in heat transfer projects to serve as another layer of decoration that brings out the personality of your work.

Examining Kraft Styles

Brown Christmas wrapping paper in both brown and white colors is used very often in winter heat transfer productions. Brown colored Christmas gift papers for wrapping add to the jolly feeling and are popular with rustic style and floral motifs and white kraft Custom greaseproof paper is plain and can easily be written on for more detailed prints. While these papers are not necessarily for heat transfer, they may be incorporated into your projects as add-on layers or base papers.

Environmentally Safe

Kraft packing paper is quite preservative, has good environmental performance, and is highly appreciated by many craft lovers for various crafts. Although it does not stick as well as custom kraft paper, it can also be used in heat transfer applications as an additional layer used as a shield on the garment or may be included in the design. It’s a pretty affordable material that is perfect for large-scale projects since it is easy to obtain it in bulk.

General Guidelines 

There are some tips that one needs to bear in mind when using custom kraft paper when preparing heat transfer projects. First, make sure that the shiny, polyethylene-coated side is placed on the side of the fabric that one wishes to bond for the temporary connection. The general wattage of the iron should be medium to high and normal pressure should be applied to transfer the design. To avoid this, the student should also carry out the process on a small piece of fabric before doing the actual project to determine the outcome.



Summing up, it is possible to recognize that custom kraft paper can become a useful asset in projects connected with heat transfer because of the given characteristics. Other kinds of kraft paper include black kraft paper, waxed kraft paper, and custom-printed kraft paper; however, these may not be as easy to use or as accurate as custom kraft paper. But when you know all the necessary properties of each type of paper, you can select the proper types for your heat transfer projects, which will be distinguished by their professional look and chosen by you.