Gift selection can sometimes be tricky because nobody wishes to purchase a simple and boring gift. Thankfully, Lovingly Signed has solved the problem with the Jellycat online shop for everyone. Jellycat toys are recognized for the plush quality of the products and the cute look, distinguishing them as wonderful gifts. Jellycat toys are nowadays very popular for children and even adults as they are very soft, and the toys are wear-resistant and are designed very funny. These toys are of cuddle type and are liked for their companion care and affectionate value. The different types of toys developed by this company have made them well known throughout the world from the Bashful Bunnies toys to the uniquely created toys like the Amusable. 

The Magic of Personalization:

A personalized Jellycat toy is an ordinary stuffed animal that becomes special with the addition of a special name. The customization is done by incorporating embroidering the names, the date, or any special message on the toy. This feature is ideal for celebrating important events including births, birthdays, and all the other crucial events. 


Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed is remembered for the quality of the product as well as for its distinctiveness. The names, dates or any desired message can be engraved on each toy and these toys are perfect for celebrating a birth, a birthday, or during the holidays. They turn simple and generic soft toys into cute and endearing gifts that show people are thinking about someone. Lovingly Signed makes sure the stitching is hard-wearing and as pretty as the much-loved Jellycat companions. Because of the unquietness of this store, its Personalized Jellycat toys become the best memory of your little one’s childhood.

How to Create a Personalised Jellycat Toy at Lovingly Signed:

  • Choose Your Jellycat Toy: Begin with a choice of the available Jellycat toys to be bought from the Lovingly Signed online store. Whether you like classic rabbits or kitties, cute puppies, or even fabulous dinosaurs, there is a perfect plush just for you. 


  • Add Personalization: Select the toy of your choice after which you get to choose the personal details to be included. It is possible to enter names, dates of birth, any greetings, or any message one wishes to convey. Choose the font type and color of your choice, depending on your desire, and make your gift card look as beautiful as you want. 


  • Place Your Order: When you are done, customizing your Jellycat toy, you can then proceed to check out. Lovingly Signed is also responsible for the rest of it; the delicately embroidered message will be on your gift, and the product will be packed snugly before shipment.

Special Features at Lovingly Signed:

  • High-Quality Embroidery: Lovingly Signed is maximally focused on the quality of work as all the embroidered details on the Jellycat toy will be made with maximum quality. 

  • Wide Selection: Having so many Jellycat toys in the market, it is very easy to find the most appropriate plush toy for any individual one may want to gift. 

  • Gift Wrapping: For a luxurious finish, Lovingly Signed offers gift wrapping for your selected gifts. Sizing up your own special Jellycat toy is quick and easy, and your exclusive Jellycat toy will be delivered in a superior gift box. 

Perfect for Any Occasion:

Personalized Jellycat toys make wonderful gifts for a variety of occasions:  

  • Newborn Gifts: Welcome a newborn baby with a cute and squishable Jellycat toy with the baby’s name and date of birth inscribed on it. 

  • Birthdays: If you want to bring glamour to the birthday of your child, then writing the name of your child on a Jellycat toy would be an excellent way to do so. 

  • Holidays: Make this holiday season special by using the services of Jellycat for the creation of a special toy that differentiates it from the others.


Finding and making distinctive and appealing gifts is simple when using Lovingly Signed’s Jellycat online store. When associating the delicate feelings that knitted toys from Personalised Jellycat convey and the opportunity to choose the letter, number, or name for the toy, you can present a unique gift. Lovingly Signed has numerous options that you can begin creating your ideal, unique Jellycat toy at the moment. The gift that you have chosen will be treasured by the receiver for a long time to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Do we have to pay additionally for adding personalization to the Jellycat toy? 

Yes, ordinarily, they do come with a price premium for the customization of the Jellycat toy which caters to the extra costs incurred in the customization process. The price could be different depending on the kind of personalization to be done and the particular store. 

  • What about refunds for the personalized Jellycat toys or in the event one would wish to exchange them for a different product? 

Many retailers’ policies on their websites prohibit returns or exchanges of personalized products, except for defects in the items. Before making the purchase, a customer should consider the return policy of the store. 

  • Is there anything other than a name that I can engrave on the Jellycat toy? 


Yes, most of the retailers are indeed capable of providing further personalization of the name by adding a birth date, a message, or even initials.