Packaging has become a very important part of the marketing mix for brands in this age of increased competition, and it affects the growth of customer satisfaction and brand recognition. In the extensive array of packaging solutions available, custom mailer boxes are the same kind that have been adopted by brand owners to be able to make a statement and at the same time ensure product security during its delivery. 

Rise Of Mailer Boxes

In these digital times, when e-commerce rules supreme over high street stores, the moment of the unboxing is no doubt a key factor for shoppers. One of the advantages of custom mailer boxes is giving companies the chance to make an impact on customers from once they receive the package until the last moment which is when they unpack it using the box. Not only customized mailer boxes give brands a platform for speaking about their brand identity and character, but facilitate them to differentiate themselves from a lot of ordinary packaging.

Benefits Of Mailer Boxes


Besides being attractive to consumers, custom box mailers allow to insure all products against damage during the delivery process that may result in extra expenses due to stock loss.


A lot of businesses use paper or cardstock as ecologic materials, when designing boxes for custom mailers, as this can attract conscious consumers of the environment.


Though the mailer boxes custom exude a luxury look, manufacturers can make those at an affordable fee that is still a practical packaging option for businesses regardless of the size.

Designing Your Mailer Boxes

Such potential is limitless in the procession of crafting individualized boxes of mail. Starting from picking the right materials to adding something spectacular in packaging, you can be sure that each element would be part of what a buyer would be getting a good impression of. Here are some key considerations:

Material Selection

Custom mailer boxes are handy to be fabricated with various materials, cardboard (corrugated), Kraft paper, and custom rigid mailers pooling. For example, each material has its pros and cons in terms of strength, appearance, and sustainability among others.

Printing Techniques

If you’re seeking to apply any kind of print technique, whether it’s offset printing, digital printing, or flexography, choosing the right one, to make your boxes more beautiful, is the right step. Try using the whole palette of colors (vivid colors, including metallic shades or embossing for the 3D effect.

Structural Design

Besides the appearance, the structural design of your custom mailers can advantage the functionality and usability simultaneously. Do you think you should back up this with functions like tear strips, resealable tables, or custom inserts to accelerate the open/unboxing process and also boost overall customer satisfaction?

Making Your Boxes Stand Out

So, the fact is that you created really special mailer boxes, and how do you ensure that they will be in customers’ minds for so long?

    • Personalization: Make sure that your custom mailer boxes are in line with your core brand message and the target audience that you want to address. Take into account including individual messages, similar products, or any kind of special discount to achieve personal relationships with customers.
    • Visual Impact: Premium Custom Printed Boxes provide the bright pictures, strong colors, and distinctive forms the viewer not only looks but also lets him become involved. The custom mailer box is not just a mode of conveying your goods but is a dynamic tactile extension of your brand.
    • Interactive Elements: Motivate the engagement by using various interactive materials in the design of Printed mailer boxes. Perhaps, as an example, there could be QR links to unique material, interactive riddles, or even some kind of small reward such as a gift with purchase.
    • Unforgettable Unboxing Experience: Pay strong attention to every detail of the unboxing process, from the moment your customer receives the parcel package to the time your product is shown. Feel free to take into account items like tissue paper, branded stickers, or thank-you notes which can generate the feeling and make the experience lasting.


Custom mailer boxes add businesses an extra option at the face of packaging which is more than just a solution that exists to fulfil the function. Through the usage of design and innovation as tools, you can make sleeves of mail that not only take care of your products but also etch your mind as well to your customers.

 Whether you are an entrepreneur of a small boutique or a big brand company, consider the superior branding power custom mailer boxes can bring in for you by offering a tailored packaging experience that will resonate with your customers every time they receive your product through a delivery