It is always painful to say those final words, whether the person is moving from the workplace, friendship circle, or home. Farewell cards are one of the best ways to show we care express how we feel, laughter and warmth through words as one move on. Sometimes, it’s quite challenging to find the right words and phrasing for farewell messages on a card, that is why, in the following article, you will find helpful advice on what to write in the card, how to select the appropriate design and how to make you card unique. Now, let adults and youths turn the page and take a step into the wonderful world of farewell cards and saying goodbyes with style and feeling.

A Specific Look at Farewell Cards

Rarely would one reject a farewell card, as it is a common message that is given to a person who has to leave a workplace, organization or community. They provide an avenue through which one can also express gratitude, reminiscence and express optimism regarding the future. A well written card for the farewell purposes makes the recipient value and cherished in the long run.

Selecting the Right Farewell Card

The general feel and the design of the card should mirror your interaction with the person in consideration.

Consider the Occasion: There are big differences between the ordinary cards which people send as a common practice to each other and the special ones which people send to others as farewells. ‘ A retiree could be given a formal sendoff hence the card might be formal while a friend who is relocating might be given a card with some sort of cartoons among other features.

Design Matters: Select a design that would make the recipient be happy to receive it. Be it a black and white elegant card or a highly colorful card, they should be according to their choice.

What to Write When You Are Sending Farewell Card

In fact, farewell card is an object, the essence of which is the message conveyed in its context. 


Express Your Feelings: Do not lie and be fake. Make the person understand how much they are going to be a big loss to your organization or home.

“Can’t even begin to comprehend an office without your laughter and optimism – you will be so missed! ”

Share Memories: Think of events, ritual, things that both of you had and it became memorable.

You know what, you made every day at work a beautiful experience working with you, I will never forget the number of projects we accomplished together.

Offer Good Wishes: Further, add on your warm regards to them for their further activities.

”All the success and happiness in the new journey. Good luck You are going to excel”

Keep It Personal: Make the message personal whenever possible, especially using references such as jokes or incidents that only the two of you would understand.

They met and shared many unforgettable moments in the workplace; ‘Do you remember the time we were locked out of the office?’


Photos and Mementos: It is always good to add a photo or something small and symbolic to make your card personal.

Group Messages: If it is for instance a send-off for one of your colleagues then it is advisable to collate messages from everyone at work. Prayers and well-wishes from people can be written and placed in the card, which can also warm the recipient’s heart.

Creative Elements: It is also suitable that you write something funny on the card or make illustrations or even writing a small poem for the card.


Signatures: If it is Group card, for instance, make sure everyone gets an opportunity to sign it.

Respect and Positivity: This means that while expressing opinions that the piece has merits, do not include negative comments or discuss topics that may offend the creator.

Presentation: Hand it over in a clean and organized manner, maybe along with a gift or some flowers.


There are several types of farewell cards you can write based on the situation such as:

Here are some specific ideas for different farewell scenarios:Here are some specific ideas for different farewell scenarios:


Farewell to a Colleague: Assessment of professional accomplishments, thanking them for their engagement and extending the best wishes for their new position.


Farewell to a Friend: Recalling family memories you have both and stating how much friendship mean to you, and good wishes for the new phase of life.

‘‘It has been fun sharing your various experiences with me You are always in for new thrilling experience!’’

Farewell to a Mentor: Thank them for their guidance and assistance, thank them and wish them good blessings in the future.

“Thank you for your being my mentor and for everything you did for me in my career. Good luck to you in your next job.”

Farewell to a Family Member: Express your feelings and emotions, remind of the family members, and congratulate them on the achievement.

I shall miss you in our family functions; they will surely lack your presence. you may be getting a brand new start which requires my warm wishes.

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As we know, farewell cards are a very pretty way to let go of someone and, at the same time, express how dear he or she is to you. However, if you choose the appropriate card, writing a beautiful message and putting some extras, you will be able to leave a good bye note that will be appreciated. As you should know, it should not only be about the goodbye, but more about the farewell – which is more appropriate and has a entirely different meaning, as it means you are happy for the time that has passed and you are wishing the best for the future. Therefore, the next time you have to bid a farewell, do it in style and with feeling, and let Sendwishonline. Com help you make it special.