BB cream is no longer a novelty in Asia but a full-fledged cosmetic must-have. We tell you how it can be helpful.

“Letter” products have easily won the love of beauty addicts worldwide. The BB boom happened a few years ago. The popularity of creams with the BB- prefix continues to grow. This is because it is a very convenient “all-in-one” product – it combines a decorative effect, care, and a solution to many skin problems. Blemish balm (that is how the prefix is ​​deciphered) is a “balm against imperfections” that makes the skin flawless.

What is BB cream, and why is it needed?

The main difference between BB cream and regular foundation is that a product marked BB has a lighter and weightless texture and falls into the decorative and care products category. BB cream combines a care product and a foundation fluid. When buying a BB cream, the question arises: Which is better? First, focusing on your skin type: dry, oily, or combination is essential.

It is important to note that most BB creams do not contain sufficient SPF, so we do not recommend replacing traditional sunscreen with them. In addition, beauty junkies know that sun protection only works if you apply a certain amount of the product – at least one teaspoon. Now imagine what your face will look like with a thick foundation layer. The question is rhetorical. So be sure to use sunscreen as a separate product. The best BB cream for you is the one that does not make your face a mask and gives preference to the product that suits your skin, not the one that manufacturers constantly advertise. Decorative and care cosmetics with SPF can be used as an additional layer of sun protection.

BB creams are the first in the list of multifunctional products that have taken over the world. They can be selected for any skin type—from dry to combination. Also, on the beauty market, you can find BB creams that partly help solve essential and specific skin problems. A good BB cream for the face hides imperfections and riches, moisturizes and cares for the skin.

BB creams suit those who prefer light coverage and a natural skin tone.

As for the disadvantages of BB creams, you won’t find a wide variety of shades in Korean lines. You should turn to skin whitening cream if you have a complex skin tone with an unusual undertone. They are more actively developing the colour palette of their products. A good BB cream should only be selected considering your skin’s characteristics because the one that suits your friend may not suit you.


Combination skin also needs an oil-free formula. It should contain predominantly moisturizing components, and the Golden Pearl BB cream has enough. Its delicate melting texture covers the skin with a light layer without causing irritation or the appearance of imperfections in problem areas. Golden Pearl will give those areas that need hydration a sufficient moisture supply.


Despite BB cream being a top-rated product on the cosmetic market, many girls still have questions to this day:

  • How to use it correctly.
  • How it differs from the regular foundation.
  • What skin types is it used for?


We have collected all the details to satisfy your interest.

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