Do you have a staircase carpet, and it got dull over time? Are you worried about how to clean this before the bond inspection?

I know the staircase looks classy after getting covered with a carpet, but as we move frequently over the staircase, we need to ensure its cleanliness is up to the mark. When the landlord comes to the final inspection, they will look at the staircase carpet, and if they find it dirty, you may lose your bond security.

Your carpet may accumulate soil, dust, dirt, grime, and stains from the spillover, and if you use harsh tools over it, it may get torn out.


It is necessary to vacuum your staircase carpet at least once a week, and if you can’t do it, you need to deal with stubborn stains at the end of the tenancy period.


Hence, we have collected some tips and tricks from Bond Cleaning in Gold Coast services to ensure perfect staircase carpet cleaning with the right tools and techniques. Stay tuned if you want to avoid hassle at the end.


What is the step-by-step guide to ensure staircase carpet cleaning?


Here is the guide for staircase carpet cleaning:


Vacuum Cleaning: Start by vacuuming the carpet. You can use a vacuum with a HEPA filter that can remove 99% of allergens. To clear every corner of the stairs, use a brush attached to the vacuum cleaner. It may take a little longer than usual. But try to use a good-quality vacuum cleaner to avoid any damage to the carpet.


Shampoo the staircase: After vacuuming, it is time to remove stains from the staircase. You can use the store-bought cleaner of course but if you want to save your health by not using chemical-based products, you can use shampoo for the same. Start from top to bottom for effective results. Before shampooing, make sure to use white vinegar to lighten up the sport as recommended by the Local Bond Cleaning Perth.


Blot the stains: After applying shampoo, simply blot the stain to avoid any discoloration, and if you feel the stains are more stubborn than you think. Then take a soft-bristled scrub and gently rub it to wipe off the stain. Do not act harshly as you may need to pay the cost of damaging the carpet by replacing it with a new one.


Remove excess water: First of all, try not to use excessive water because it will damage the carpet surface and can lead to mold infestation. But if you think the carpet has absorbed water then remove it with the help of cloth or a sponge. Do not let the water stay in it for so long as it can create a musty smell.


Steam cleaning: Another method to clean the staircase carpet is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is a long process, read and follow it with patience.

  • Pre-treat stains and grime: To pre-treat stains and grime, you need to use a solution containing white vinegar, dishwashing soap, and warm water. Spray it all over the staircase carpet to remove stains and grime.


  • Steam clean: Now, it is the time to use your steam cleaner. Make sure you read the manual to operate it as not every steam cleaner is the same. Heat waves will break down the grime, dust, and dirt. You can remove the stains then with the help of gentle scrubbing.


  • Pay attention to stained area: You need to pay attention to the stained area as they need special attention. Use the machine over it for a little longer. Be careful while using the machine as it is heavy and can cause damage to your and the carpet too.


  • Natural drying up: Let the carpet dry up naturally because the dryer can cause damage to the surface of the carpet. It is best if it uses natural air to get dried up. Do not use the carpet when it is wet as it may absorb dirt from the footsteps and you need to clean it again with such a long procedure.




To provide perfect staircase carpet cleaning, you need to take a considerable step-by-step guide to ensure no damage to the carpet along with cleaning it for bond inspection. In this blog, we have mentioned normal and steam-cleaning methods for staircase carpet cleaning. If you can’t manage the carpet cleaning alone, you can hire a professional for perfect cleaning without causing any damage to the carpets or the stairs.

I hope this blog has given you enough insights about staircase carpet cleaning.