Hair growth and care is not only important for women but also for men. Men tend to lose hair faster than women due to genetic reasons and the impact of dihydrotestosterone.

Many men may face male pattern baldness at some point in their lives which is related to DHT sensitivity.

Such abnormality can weaken the hair follicles and shorten the hair growth cycle. Many women also face hair loss owing to polycystic ovary syndrome due to nutritional deficiency, stress, thyroid disorders, and specific medications.

Certain authentic tips will stimulate growing healthy hair from the root for both men and women:

Getting regular hair trims

Split ends and breakage in the hair makes the person lose the longevity of the hair. One needs to improve with better-quality hair growth.

One might face hair growth in damaged form which might get often entangled and result in frequent hair fall. Poor quality of hair growth makes the personality of both men and women unimpressive and does not go well while being in social circles.

One can get hair cut off after a gap of 6 to 8 weeks. Both men and women will experience even growth of hair on the scalp and will be free from dandruff. It would be one of the effective ways to keep your hair healthy.

Limit applying chemically enriched hair color to the hair strands

Following the latest fashion trend, we are inclined towards applying different hair colors or giving a lighter shade to the hair using bleach. However, it damages the quality of hair texture and raises the condition of split ends and breakage in the hair shaft.

Henna is a natural alternative to chemical hair dye that promotes hair development by nourishing the scalp and strengthening the hair follicles.

Additional options include indigo powder and amla powder, which both color and nurture the hair. These natural hues reduce damage while promoting healthier, stronger hair growth.

Both scalp and hair require massage and smooth combing for equal distribution of hair oils

Scalp massage and hair brushing both promote blood circulation and spread the scalp’s natural oils (sebum). Scalp massage stimulates oil glands and relaxes the scalp, while brushing spreads these oils along the hair shaft, hydrating and protecting the hair, resulting in healthier and shinier strands.

Recommended hair oil for head massage:

You can use Aadved Adivasi hair oil for scalp massage to boost hair growth and improve the quality of hair texture. The density of hair along with its texture and length will reveal improvement within a few days when you are massaging every portion of your scalp thoroughly and gently.

Suitable comb 

You can use a paddle brush which has nylon bristles that will easily separate each hair and stimulate dense and thick hair growth.

Require hair growth appropriate diet and minerals

A shortage of nutrients or minerals, such as vitamins A, C, E, D, B, zinc, iron, proteins, and essential fatty acids, causes recurrent hair loss and thinning. A deficiency of these nutrients can also cause the hair’s texture to change from black or brown to gray.

If you are looking for an Ayurvedic option to color your hair then you can use M9 Hair Color Shampoo which is based on ancient Ayurvedic formulation made from noni extracts, aloe vera, olive extracts, which will color your hair instantly.

You may have alopecia or premature graying. You can regularly have black chickpeas, beans, and lentils in sprouted form along with nuts, fish, eggs, and green leafy vegetables to compensate for the loss of nutrients.

Stop applying hair styling tools

You may be trying to style your hair with curlers or straightener or any type of heated tool. Heat when applied through this gadget would spoil the hair shaft and weaken the root or follicle. Hair would tend to suffer from loss of natural oils leading to dryness, breakage or split ends.

Even a hair blower is not suitable for maintaining the health of the scalp and hair. Rather, allow your hair to dry naturally and that would help in preserving the health of scalp and hair.

Avoid shampooing your hair daily

Instead, it is recommended to shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week alternatively . it will allow the natural oils or sebum reach within the hair follicles and nourish and strengthen your hair from within.

Try not to use chemically rich shampoo which will cause deficiency of nutrients in the hair and cause hair thinning and hair fall from the scalp. Instead, use any ayurvedic shampoo.

This ayurvedic hair color shampoo for men works exceptionally well for women by restoring the natural black color of hair texture within 5 minutes. It is the influence of Noni extracts which prevent premature graying, cleanses, thickens and increases the density of hair. It’s ammonia free and therefore you would be saved from any side effects.

Take Vitamin supplements regularly

Apart from a vitamin-enriched diet, you must also take Vitamin supplements to meet the deficiency of vitamins required for regular hair growth.

Any hair expert would suggest you to take multivitamin tablets which are effective in improving the quality of hair, skin, and health. Apart from those vitamins, zinc and biotin are also found in those tablets which slows down aging and prevents premature greying. 

Apply cool water to hair wash

Just as applying heated gadgets spoils the hair cuticle, it is also the steamy hair wash that wipes away all the natural oils from the hair. It increases the amount of hair fall. Rather, cool water hair wash will retain the moisture and oil in the hair and maintain the nutrients in the hair. Cool water would strengthen the hair from the root. 

Be cautious while combing your wet hair

Brush wet hair with a wide-toothed comb or a brush made for wet hair. Begin at the ends then make your way up to the roots, gently separating small components at a time. To lessen hair breakage and stress, avoid pulling or twisting.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Stress and depression lead to faster hair fall and baldness. However adequate sleep delivers oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and increases hair density. Sleeping on the silk pillow will bring comfort to the scalp and prevent further breakage and split ends. 


Both genders require similar ways of hair care even though they might have varying health disorders and genetic reasons contributing to baldness, alopecia and hair thinning.

Standard of hair and scalp will develop when you are inclined towards natural hair care tips. It all depends on how and which oil, shampoo and diet you take regularly.

The more you rely on ayurvedic products and Vitamin and biotin-rich supplements and diet, the better the quality of the hair from the root, free from dryness,  breakage and split ends.