Overview of Kotak Small Cap Fund

The Kotak Small Cap Fund is a diversified small-cap equity fund that provides investors the chance to benefit from the growth potential of small-cap companies.

Let’s delve deeper into the key factors that make this fund a standout choice for your investment portfolio:

Studying the Strong Performance Track Record of Kotak Small Cap Fund

The Kotak Small Cap MF has demonstrated a remarkable track record of delivering robust and consistent returns across different time horizons. Here’s a closer look at its performance:

1-Year Returns: 44.17%

Over the past 1 year, the Kotak Small Cap Stock has generated an impressive return of 44.17%.

This performance not only showcases the fund’s ability to capitalize on short-term market opportunities but also highlights the skill of its fund managers in navigating the dynamic small-cap landscape.

3-Year Returns: 24.63%

Looking at a longer 3-year time frame, the Kotak Small Cap MF has continued to impress, delivering an annualized return of 24.63%.

This consistent outperformance over the medium term underscores the fund’s resilience and the effectiveness of its investment strategy, which allows it to generate sustainable returns for investors.

5-Year Returns: 27.42%

Even in the long run, the Kotak Small Cap Fund has maintained its stellar performance, generating an annualized return of 27.42% over the past 5 years.

This long-term track record demonstrates the fund’s ability to consistently outshine its benchmark and category peers, solidifying its position as a top-performing small-cap fund.

Benchmarking the Fund’s Performance

The Kotak Small Cap Stocks returns have not only been impressive in absolute terms but have also outperformed its benchmark index and the average returns of its peer group.

This outperformance across 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year periods speaks volumes about the fund’s competitive edge and the effectiveness of its investment approach.

In summary, the Kotak Small Cap Mutual Fund’s consistent delivery of robust returns, often surpassing its benchmark and category averages, highlights its strong potential to generate substantial wealth for investors seeking exposure to the small-cap segment of the market. Its ability to generate consistent outperformance across different time frames is a testament to the fund manager’s skill and the fund’s well-crafted investment strategy.

Kotak Small Cap Fund: Experienced Fund Management

Since October 2023, the fund has been managed by Harish Bihani, a seasoned fund manager known for his expertise in identifying high-potential small-cap companies. Bihani’s active management style and keen market insights have driven the fund’s consistent performance, making it a reliable choice for investors seeking expertise-driven growth.

Diversified Portfolio of Kotak Small Cap Fund

The Kotak Small Cap Scheme stands out with its highly diversified portfolio, investing in a wide array of small-cap companies across different industries. Rather than concentrating its bets on just a handful of stocks or sectors, the fund has spread its investments judiciously, with holdings in as many as 75 different stocks.

This diversification strategy serves a crucial purpose – it helps manage and mitigate risks. By not putting all its eggs in one basket, the Kotak Small Cap Stock ensures that its performance is not overly dependent on the fortunes of a few individual companies or sectors. If one particular stock or industry faces challenges, the overall impact on the fund’s returns is minimized.

At the same time, this broad-based approach allows the fund to capture growth opportunities across a diverse range of small-cap businesses. Small-cap companies are known to offer higher growth potential, but they also tend to be more volatile. The Kotak Small Cap Mutual Fund’s diversification helps it navigate this volatility more effectively.

By investing in 75 stocks spread across various sectors, the fund creates a balanced risk-reward profile. This stability and resilience are essential for long-term wealth creation, as they protect investors from the pitfalls of over-concentration and help the fund capitalize on multiple avenues of growth in the small-cap space.

In essence, the Kotak Small Cap Scheme’s well-diversified portfolio is a key strength that sets it apart. This diversification enhances the fund’s ability to withstand market ups and downs, while also positioning it to potentially deliver solid returns over the long term by tapping into the growth potential of a wide range of small-cap companies.

Kotak Small Cap has Exposure to High-Growth Sectors

The fund’s portfolio is strategically weighted towards sectors with high growth potential, including Consumer Durables (16.57%), Industrial Products (12.46%), and Auto Components (11.72%). These sectors are poised for significant expansion in the coming years, aligning perfectly with the fund’s objective of achieving capital appreciation through targeted investments in growth-centric industries.

Adherence to Small-Cap Mandate by Kotak Small Cap Fund

Staying true to its mandate, the Kotak Small Cap Fund invests 58.51% of its portfolio in small-cap stocks, with additional allocations of 12.68% in mid-cap stocks and 4.2% in large-cap stocks. This dedicated focus on small-cap companies ensures that investors can tap into the higher growth potential inherent in this segment.

Competitive Expense Ratio of Kotak Small Cap Fund

The Kotak Small Cap Mutual Fund’s expense ratio of 1.66% deserves a closer look, as it plays a crucial role in determining the net returns that investors can enjoy.

Competitive Positioning

The Kotak Small Cap MF’s expense ratio of 1.66% is comparatively well-positioned within its category.

The category average expense ratio stands at 1.52%, meaning the Kotak Small Cap Scheme expense ratio is only slightly higher than the industry benchmark.

Passing on More Returns to Investors

With a reasonable expense ratio, the Kotak Small Cap Mutual Fund ensures that a larger portion of its investment returns are passed on to the investors.

This means that investors can potentially keep more of the fund’s overall gains, enhancing the overall attractiveness and value proposition of the Kotak Small Cap Stock.

Cost-Efficient Management

The fund’s expense ratio reflects the cost of managing the fund’s operations, including administrative expenses, fund management fees, and other operational costs.

The Kotak Small Cap Mutual Fund’s relatively low expense ratio suggests that the fund management team can maintain a cost-efficient operating structure, further benefiting investors.

Maximizing Net Returns

By keeping the expense ratio in check, the Kotak Small Cap MF allows investors to maximize their net returns, as a smaller portion of the fund’s performance is eroded by management fees and other costs.

This alignment of interests between the fund and its investors is a desirable feature that enhances the overall value proposition of the Kotak Small Cap Scheme.

In conclusion, the Kotak Small Cap Mutual Fund’s expense ratio of 1.66%, which is competitively positioned within its category, ensures that a larger share of the fund’s returns is passed on to investors. This cost-efficient management approach contributes to the fund’s attractiveness and its ability to deliver superior net returns to its investors over the long run.

Minimum Investment and SIP Options in Kotak Small Cap Fund

The fund offers accessibility with a minimum investment requirement of ₹100 for lump-sum investments and SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans). This flexibility makes it an appealing option for investors across different financial backgrounds and risk appetites, encouraging regular investment and disciplined savings.


The Kotak Small Cap Mutual Fund stands out due to its strong performance track record, experienced management, diversified portfolio, and strategic focus on high-growth sectors. With an early SIP plan in this scheme, you can make you portfolio risk adjacent.


These attributes make it an excellent choice for investors aiming to gain exposure to the small-cap segment. Coupled with its competitive expense ratio and flexible investment options, the Kotak Small Cap Scheme is a compelling addition to a well-rounded investment portfolio.