Sometimes, especially in legal situations, paternity testing is highly important to determine your biological kinships. Many people go through DNA testing near me for both legal and personal reasons. Studies conducted recently have shown that the US performs over 300,000 paternity tests annually. A court ordered most of these tests to establish paternity. You have to have a legal paternity test in order to settle your legal problems with paternity and kid worry. The aim and procedure of legal paternity testing will be covered in this blog. Also covered will be the important ramifications of these tests. 

Usually, the courts order these tests to settle various legal matters, such as inheritance claims, child support, and custody. Such testing can be done in certain authorized labs. To establish paternity, these labs—like Face DNA—go through rigorous chain-of-custody processes. Clear and genuine results with 99% accuracy are known to be provided by Face DNA. 

Paternity Testing and the Courts

If you want to do a paternity test for your own peace of mind, for example if you are unsure whether or not you are the father of your child, then you can go through any paternity test, whether it be a lab test or a home kit test, because the results of such testing are primarily accurate. 

As a result, the courts have selected certain laboratories that adhere to the correct chain of custody in order to do such testing. This ensures that the results will be dependable and accurate. Paternity tests that were required by the court could only be performed at accredited laboratories; do-it-yourself DNA kits were not permitted to be used.

Objective of the Legal Paternity Test

Evidence of biological ties between the kid and the prospective father is sought by the legal DNA test. Information obtained from such testing could consist of:

  • Courts mandate these tests to establish paternity and settle disputes over custody and child support.

  • Another reason for doing it is to give the kids inheritance rights from the possible father.

  • Legal paternity tests are conducted when an adoption is involved since paternity confirmation may impact the rights of biological parents.

  • People who want to immigrate must show proof of their biological ties to the family members. 

Procedure of a DNA Test of Legal Paternity

The following list of procedures is part of the legal paternity testing procedure:

  1. Selecting an Accreditable Testing Center:

You have to decide which respectable and well-known lab to use for your paternity test. Among the best labs that offer the most genuine and accurate results is Face DNA testing.

  1. Collection of Samples:

When doing a NIPP test, you have to get a blood sample from the fetus and a cheek swab sample from the possible dad. Ordering home test kits allows you to gather samples at home if you desire total privacy.

  1. Regulations Regarding Chain of Custody:

Some chain of custody laws need to be taken into account after the samples have been gathered and sent to the appropriate lab. Face DNA complies with stringent standards to provide results that are absolutely accurate.

  1. DNA Analysis: 

The samples are examined in a lab, and under controlled circumstances the findings are evaluated. The analysis is carried out by concentrating on particular genetic markers and highly precisely estimating the probability of paternity.

  1. Reporting of the Findings:

The outcomes of the analysis are assembled in a report. One can use this report in court procedures. All the information is included in the report, including paternity stated as a percentage and family ties and ancestral background.

Consequences of Tests of Legal Parentage

A legal paternity test’s findings could mean the following:

  1. Child support, custody, and inheritance rights are among the legal ramifications.

  2. Accurate testing procedures applied in the labs can solve all these problems.

  3. Affected can be the financial obligations. The child’s biological father will allegedly give the child complete inheritance rights and financial assistance.

  4. Knowing biological links can affect the dynamics of families and individual identities.



One of the most reputable testing facilities in the United States is Face DNA. Our laboratory provides the most competent professionals, as well as the most up-to-date testing equipment and procedures, in order to fulfill your DNA testing requirements. Paternity testing is another service that Face DNA offers; this service is recognized by the courts and can be utilized in legal processes.