Are you looking for a keypad mobile phone for your older ones? Do you want a keypad mobile? Do you want a good battery time and camera? Above all, do you want reliable technology as well? Itel got you covered with their Itel keypad mobile. Let’s explore this article to understand the specifications of Itel keypad mobiles.

About Itel:

Itel is a phone manufacturing company. It started in 2008. It is known for creating mobile phones on a budget. The brand promises amazing technology and reliable features. Itel is famous for providing specific features.

Affordability tops the list of these features. Itel feature phones come with qualities like dual sim, camera, 4G connectivity features and a lot more.

Further more, it provides an amazing after-service for the customers. They make the user experience better with their after-sale support. More over, it also has the feature of larger buttons.

This makes this keypad phone user-friendly for aged people. Itel Mobile 4G gives a fast connectivity feature. Itel keypad mobiles primarily focus on other important features. Above all, Itel provides a wide range of products including smart phones, keypad phones and a lot more.

General Features of itel phones:

Itel phones have the following features in general:


The most amazing feature of itel is its focus on affordability. Itel mobiles usually start form almost 3000/-PKR. This makes it an easy access for anyone.


The itel mobile 4G provides an amazing connectivity feature. This is not only limited to 4G networks. It also has a Bluetooth feature. It allows itel phones to connect with other mobiles. Moreover, it provides dual sim capacity or more. This dual sim allows network switching.

Battery health:

Itel new mobiles provide an amazing battery level ranging from 2000 to 3000mAh. This removes the risk of running out of battery easily. Moreover, it provides a battery life of a minimum of 2 days.


Itel phones are adaptable to every age group. Their keypad mobiles make itel the first choice of the senior age group. The keypad mobiles provide amazing features. These features are suitable for the use of an aged person.

Furthermore, their smartphone range provides different options to GenZ and Gen X.

Various Itel feature phone range in Pakistan

itel has its various feature phone range in Pakistan. This range includes various models. To know more about the keypad itel mobiles,continue reading the full article.Here is the list of some itel keypad mobiles:

Itel 5026 feature phone

This is a keypad itel phone. It has various features. This itel new mobile comes with dual sim capacity. This helps you separate your personal and professional contacts.

Moreover, this also allows you to enjoy two different networks on the same mobile. It has a camera of 0.08 mega pixels. This camera range is good for taking basic pictures.

This itel phone has a Bluetooth connection. This helps it to connect easily with other mobiles. Above all, it has a Global positioning system tracking ability. This helps you track your outdoor activities.

700 core itel new mobile:

This itel keypad mobile is a new feature phone. It has an amazing battery of 2500 mAh. This gives you a long-lasting battery time. Itel phone has a distinguishing feature of carrying 3 SIM cards. This feature makes it a more unique itel phone.

Furthermore, this phone has a multi-LED torch light. Its unique feature is the auto call-recording feature. It also has a guard lock. Its screen display is relatively larger than any other keypad mobile. This provides you with a clear view of things on screen.

Itel Muzik 400 feature mobile:

This itel new mobile has a very stylish look. This itel phone has all the features an amazing keypad mobile can have. The most highlighting feature is its speakers (sound system). It has a screen of 2.4 inches.

Its battery is better than other itel phones. Above all, its 3000 mAh battery lasts for about two to three days. It also has a superpower mode for enhanced battery performance.

Itel value 100 mobile phone:

This itel mobile has an amazing battery and cameras. It has an amazing sound system. Moreover, it also provides the opportunity to increase the space by using cards in it.

Its hand-free jack makes it a unique product of itel. It also has a dual sim feature. This feature provides you with the facility of switching between different networks. It also has a hand-free jack.

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