Sunder Nursery which was earlier known as Azim Bagh or Bagh-e-Azeem has its history back to the 16th century the heritage park is adjacent to the Humayuns’s tomb situated in Delhi not only this but the park is also home to six world heritage monuments. In this blog, we are going to cover the basic details of Sunder Nursery such as Sunder Nursery nearest Metro, ticket price, timings and much more. 

Sunder Nursery – Additional Details about the Park 

Sunder Nursery comes under the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) under the Government of India and is spread over the wide area of 69 acres. The 20-acre land is still under construction and consists of some significant monuments and varieties of flowers. As per the data from the department, the nursery is rich in everything like flowers, trees, creepers, house plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, bonsai, ferns, fruits, medicinal plants and much more. It also consists of 200 species and in the beautiful location, you will also find lakes, gardens and an exhibition of cultures. 

Sunder Nursery – Know the history 

The nursery existed since the times of the Mughals however, the area was not in a state where people came and celebrated. In 1911, Delhi became the capital of British India and this was when British Horticulturist Alick Percy Lancaster decided to revive the nursery to make it a tourist attraction. 

As a part of this experiment, some of the trees were important to the park under the project ‘New Delhi Avenue’ which later became Nursery. This construction was halted for some unknown reasons, later in 2007, a trust named Agha Khan revived the construction and within ten years, Sunder Nursery was revived and inaugurated, some of the construction is still going on in the park. 

Ticket Prices and Timings for visitors at Sunder Nursery 

Sunder Nursery tickets price for visitors is just INR 40 for adults whereas for children between 5 years to 12 years, it is INR 20 and children under the age of 5 can enter for free in the park. For senior citizens, the price of the tickets is INR 20 and for foreign tourists, it is INR 200. 

As for timings, the park is opened for people from 7 AM in the morning till 6 in the evening and between this time period you can visit the nursery anytime you want. On some days you will find some concerts going on in the nursery and if you have time you can attend them too. 

How can you reach Sunder Nursery?

If you are coming to the park via metro you can take a pink line or violet line to Lajpar Nagar which is the nearest metro station to the nursery or you can also take bus numbers 413, 433, 522, 507, 611, 543, etc. 

Now that you know the nearest metro station to Sunder Nursery, you can plan a trip to the park with your friends and family to have a day full of fun in the lap of nature.