A tax Reference number is a unique number that is provided to every employee in the UK to identify their tax records with HMRC. When contacting HMRC about tax, they will ask you to, confirm your tax reference number. It is also termed as an Employer Reference number or PAYE reference number.

Being an employee in the UK, you must have issues with your unique reference number but are unaware of where to find the tax office reference number.

Well, fret not. We are here with this comprehensive guide to make you well-acquainted with it. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it. 


What is Tax Reference Number


When dealing with HM Revenue and Customs, you may have come across with tax reference number which is also known as an “Employer Reference Number” or simply a “PAYE reference number”. But what it is? You might be wondering.

Well, A tax reference number is a unique identification number provided to employers in any organization that is used by HMRC to identify them. They will provide you with a tax reference number on the phone, or via email, or through an official letter. Hence, it is necessary to keep your tax office reference number safe for future use.

It is basically, used to ensure that every employer is paying the correct amount of tax and the National Insurance contribution on time for their employees and they can check out the latest updates on the NIC deadlines on its portal.


Where to Find My Tax Reference Number


Usually, the Tax Reference Number is shown on your payslip, which you receive each time your employer pays your salary. 

There are several other places where you can get your Tax reference number


  • If you are an Employee:  then you can find your Tax reference number in three places. 

    • On your Payslip:   You will get it on your Payslip that you get every month from your employer. But make sure, it is different from your tax code as both are published on your payslip.

    • On your P45:    Also on your P45 when you are no longer working on that organization which is given to the employees at the end of their job.


  • On your P60:   You can find your Tax Reference number on your annual P60 which every employee gets from his employer at the end of the year. This document describes how much you were paid during the last financial year and how much income tax & National Insurance you have paid. 


  • If you are self-employed:    You can locate your tax reference number uk on any of your ways to correspondence from HMRC, like self Assessment tax calculation form, or on any official letter from HMRC beginning with “PAYE Reference” or “Employer PAYE Reference” that will be your tax office reference number.


So, you can find your tax office number easily by the above methods. But mind it, the tax reference number will not remain the same when you change your organization. It is provided by your employer every time you change your company and each time you need to inform HMRC that you are working under their reference number and they will then update it accordingly. 


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