Redefining interior design involves a few key components that work together to establish the tone and aesthetic of the space. The choice of material is among the most crucial components for transforming your design. Nowadays, people prefer to use tiles to transform the look of both their walls and floors, while elevating the luxurious factor of the area. Thanks to the evolution of the tile industry, you can find a large number of tile designs in any good tiles showroom in Pune – ranging from modern and sleek to classic and rustic. You can easily infuse popular tile designs into your space because of their versatility. In this blog, you will learn about some trending tile designs that you can consider for your space. 

Trending Tile Design to Upgrade Your Interiors 

Sleek Design

For busy areas like the kitchen, you must choose a durable tile option that not only withstands high traffic, hot and cold spills, and scratches but also elevates the visual appeal of the culinary space. You can consider using tiles of bright colours for the floor while using complementary simple patterned or plain tiles for walls. Also, you can go for a black-and-white look to create a more modern look. 

Magnificent with Marbles 

Marbles can never go wrong, no matter where you use them. They offer a magnificent and timeless look to any environment. You can find different types of marble tiles in Pune. Some marble tiles mimic the look of Italian marble to offer a refined look, while others come in pale and rich colours. These tiles can be used on walls and floors of any area, like a living room or bathroom, to add charm, eclecticism, and beauty. 

Club Modern and Classic Tile Designs

What else can be better than the blending of modern and classic tile designs? This is also a current interior decor trend that you can consider for your space. For example, you can use natural stone tiles or marble tiles on floors for a classic look while laying patterned tiles, like honeycomb, herringbone, or brick, on your walls to add a modern twist to the overall space look. 

Minimalistic Design

Having a minimalistic interior design is also a trend these days. Interior designers or homeowners go for a monochromatic look for the spaces to infuse a timeless vibe. You can use simple, plain tiles of neutral tones to embrace the subtle elegance and create a clean, open look for your space. There are numerous options for plain tiles in Pune that you can check out and incorporate into your space to enhance sophistication and simplicity. 

Statement Tiles 

Tile patterns and textures play a significant role in bringing out the true potential of any space. There are several popular patterned and textured tiles available in any reputed tiles showroom in Pune, like Moroccan, geometric, chevron, mosaic, and stucco tiles. You can use them on walls and floors to add flair and character to the space. Some of the best ways to use them are by using textured tiles like anti-skid matte tiles for bathroom flooring and using patterned tiles for kitchen backsplashes.

Mixed Tile Types 

Using different kinds of tiles within the same space creates a stunning visual appeal. Since tiles are available in different colours, designs, and finishes, you can combine them to have a harmonious contrast and add depth and character to the space. For example, you can consider using matte and glossy tiles in combination with your bathroom walls. Also, you can add bathroom decor elements like brass fixtures or a wooden cabinet to elevate the look of the bathroom decor. 

Tile Colours to Set the Interiors’ Mood 

The interior designing industry has changed a lot over the past few years, and there is a visible shift away from cool tones to warm tones. Colours tones like soft pastels, warm neutral, and earthy colours are quite in trend now. These colours evoke a cosy and inviting feeling within the space. However, the brighter and cool colours are still there in the picture. These colours make the space look more lively and energetic. They can be easily paired with subtle colours to create a visually appealing room design. So, you should explore thousands of available options for tiles in Pune to customise your space and set the mood of your interiors as per your choice.

Infuse Tile Textures 

Tile textures are also significant in adding depth and dimension to any space. Many homeowners try to mix and match tiles with different finishes to create outstanding home decor with a hint of their creativity. For example, you can use a high-gloss finish tile for your kitchen backsplash as they are easy to maintain while you should prefer to get tiles with a matte, anti-skid finish for your bathroom floor. Besides that, you can also infuse tile designs with different finishes to create visual interest and add characters to the space. 


Another way you can make your walls stand out is by creating a feature wall design. You can find several highlighter tiles that you can lay on your walls to add a distinctive look to the wall while creating a focal point in the room. 



Following tile trends is a great way to infuse beautiful, decorative tiles into your space and make it stand out. You can use tiles to not only reflect your story or personality but also elevate the functionality of the space. To find tiles of the best kinds, you can search for a tiles showroom in Pune and visit a trusted showroom, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, to create an outstanding interior decor that defines your style.