Sarees are the most versatile Indian attire. They not only symbolise grace and elegance, they also narrates the story of India rich in culture, heritage and tradition. Indian sarees are loved by all and are widely famous across the world. If you ask an Indian woman what is the favourite attire she loves to wear to a party or an event, her answer will definitely be ‘saree’. Different states in India come with a type of saree that reflects the culture and tradition of that state. Many Indian brides prefer to wear a bridal saree for their wedding. In different states, brides wear different designs of bridal sarees.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the top bridal sarees that you can wear on your wedding day. With the advanced technology, you can order these sarees online by sitting at different corners of the world. Like A Diva is an online store in the UK which is famous for delivering different designs of Indian dresses, such as lehengas, salwar kameez, designer sarees, Indo western outfits and so on for different events directly at your doorsteps.

Let us now have a look at some of the top bridal sarees which you can wear as a bride to your wedding.

Red embellished organza silk saree

The colour red is the trademark colour for an Indian bride on her wedding. In most parts of the country, brides prefer to wear the red colour bridal attire for their D day. Although pastel colour is the trend of the era, even for the Indian bridal attire, the colour red has not lost its charm completely. It is still at the top in choice and preference for bridal attire. Many people believe that, if a bride wears red-coloured bridal attire, it will bring good luck and a lot of positivity in her marital life. Also the colour red symbolises love, affection, commitment and respect that both partners have for each other. If you are going to be a bride and want to wear a saree to your wedding, you can consider wearing a red embellished organza silk saree with a floral motif carved border and dori and sequins work that will not only make you look elegant, but will also make you look glamorous.

Pink Banarasi silk saree with zari weaving

When it comes to Indian bridal attire, Banarasi silk saree is the most preferred outfit that a bride chooses for her wedding day. This traditional silk saree is rich in history and is the epitome of culture and heritage of Uttar Pradesh, a state in India. It is luxurious in its designs and motifs. Although it is a traditional Indian saree, it never goes out of trend and keeps on evolving as per the demand. If you do not want to wear a red coloured bridal saree to your wedding, but some different shades of the same, you can go for a pink coloured Banarasi silk saree with zari weaving. The zari weaved motifs, the embroidered border and tassel detailed pallu, this saree will definitely give you an angelic vibe. Apart from wearing it to your wedding, you can wear it as a party wear saree later to different events and functions.

Magenta Paithani silk saree

If you are a Marathi mulgi a Paithani saree is a must for your wedding. This traditional saree is also a family heirloom that is being transferred from one generation to another in a Marathi family. It is not only rich in Marathi culture, rather it contains a lot of emotions, memories and an enticing story of the women of the previous generation of a family. Although Nauvari saree is the most preferred saree worn by the bride for the wedding and Paithani is given as a gift to her, however, you can wear a Paithani saree to your wedding, as many brides are seen wearing this saree as well. Again, if you are not comfortable in wearing a red coloured saree to your wedding, you can opt for other different shades of the same, such as magenta pink and so on. This saree generally comes with weaved thread, zari motifs, patched border and tassel details at the end of the pallu that gives it a magnificent look.

Summing up

These are some of the most famous bridal sarees that the brides across the country choose for their wedding day. Apart from these sarees, Patola print silk sarees of Gujarat, Tussar silk weaved sarees of Bihar and Jharkhand, Boula patta sarees of Odisha, a highly embellished and intricately designed embroidery saree and so on are other traditional bridal sarees that brides wear across India.