As we step into 2024, the world of whisky continues to captivate enthusiasts with its rich heritage and evolving flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, the global whisky landscape offers a diverse array of options to explore. Here are some top imported whisky brands you should consider trying in 2024.

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1. Yamazaki

Country: Japan

Yamazaki, Japan’s oldest malt whisky distillery, continues to impress with its exquisite single malts. Known for its delicate yet complex flavors, Yamazaki whiskies often feature notes of fruit, Mizunara oak, and a subtle smokiness. The Yamazaki 12-Year-Old and Yamazaki 18-Year-Old are particularly renowned and worth seeking out.

2. Macallan

Country: Scotland

Macallan remains a staple in the world of premium whisky. This Scottish distillery is celebrated for its rich, full-bodied single malts aged in sherry-seasoned oak casks. The Macallan 12-Year-Old Sherry Oak is a classic, offering flavors of dried fruit, spice, and wood smoke. For a truly luxurious experience, try the Macallan Rare Cask.

3. Redbreast

Country: Ireland

Redbreast is a standout brand in the realm of Irish whiskey, known for its pot still whiskies. The Redbreast 12-Year-Old is a beloved expression, with a creamy texture and flavors of honey, nuts, and spice. For something even more special, the Redbreast 21-Year-Old offers an incredibly rich and complex profile.

4. Balvenie

Country: Scotland

Balvenie is a Scottish distillery known for its traditional craftsmanship and innovative cask finishes. The Balvenie DoubleWood 12-Year-Old is aged in two types of wood, resulting in a harmonious blend of sweet fruit, honey, and vanilla. The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14-Year-Old, aged in rum casks, adds a tropical twist to the classic single malt flavor.

5. Drumshanbo

Country: Ireland

Drumshanbo is an exciting addition to the Irish whiskey scene. The Drumshanbo Galanta Single Malt and Drumshanbo Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey showcase the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation. These whiskies offer a unique blend of malt and spice, with notes of caramel, oak, and fruit, making them a must-try for 2024.

6. Laphroaig

Country: Scotland

Laphroaig, hailing from the Isle of Islay, is famed for its bold, peaty single malts. The Laphroaig 10-Year-Old is a quintessential Islay whisky, with intense flavors of smoke, iodine, and seaweed, balanced by a hint of sweetness. For those seeking a more refined experience, the Laphroaig 18-Year-Old offers a mellower, yet equally complex profile.

7. GlenDronach

Country: Scotland

GlenDronach is celebrated for its sherry-aged single malts, which are rich, robust, and full of character. The GlenDronach 12-Year-Old is a fantastic introduction, featuring notes of toffee, dried fruit, and spice. For a deeper exploration, the GlenDronach 18-Year-Old Allardice offers a luxurious experience with its complex layers of flavor.

8. Fercullen

Country: Ireland

Fercullen is another noteworthy Irish whiskey brand making waves. The Fercullen Falls Small Batch Blended Irish Whiskey combines the best of malt and grain, delivering a smooth and balanced profile with flavors of honey, vanilla, and spice. It’s a versatile choice that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

9. Oban

Country: Scotland

Oban is a Highland distillery that produces a unique style of single malt, combining the maritime influences of the west coast with the richness of the Highlands. The Oban 14-Year-Old is a classic expression, offering a balance of citrus, sea salt, and peat. Its complex and slightly smoky profile makes it a standout whisky to try in 2024.

10. Bushmills

Country: Ireland

Bushmills, one of Ireland’s oldest distilleries, is known for its smooth and approachable whiskies. The Bushmills 10-Year-Old Single Malt is a great starting point, with its light, fruity character and hints of vanilla and honey. For a richer experience, the Bushmills 21-Year-Old offers deep flavors of dried fruit, nuts, and spice.


The world of whisky is vast and varied, offering a multitude of flavors and experiences. Whether you prefer the smoky intensity of an Islay single malt, the rich complexity of a sherry-aged Scotch, or the smooth elegance of an Irish pot still whiskey, there’s something for everyone. As you embark on your whisky journey in 2024, these top imported brands are sure to provide exceptional quality and unforgettable tasting experiences. Cheers!