Every manga fan eagerly awaits the next chapter of The Legendary Spear Knight as the hero fights his battles. 

It is not just external fights that are troubling him because Joshua Sanders, the main character, has long abandoned his sword and replaced it with a spear to redeem his lost glory. 

More hurtful are the internal wars he is facing every step of the way that determine his fate. 

It is this mystery and complex struggle that keep the readers hooked on to the series. 

Do you also want to know what happens in Chapter 110? Well, we are not giving away the complete story but providing you with an outline of what to expect as the story unfolds. 

Read on to find out what happens next to the unrivaled spear knight, Joshua Sanders.

Plot Summary

Early in the story, it is well-established that Joshua Sanders is the unconquered spear knight who will return to reverse the betrayal. 

He is the protagonist who has the ability to fight fierce battles even when Ceaser tries to defeat him with his tricky plans. 

The scene in chapter 110 is set around a banquet hall where the characters are discussing the next move that could either kill or save them. 

We get a glimpse of Princess Sirsiarin, who is threatened by someone, but later hear whispers of people talking about Baron Sanders. 

She knows that if she needs to keep the attention of people elsewhere, it might put Joshua’s life at risk. 

The reader is quickly directed to the talk inside the banquet hall, where there is discussion about the Great Plains of Kraden, which has a great share of the Swallow Empire. 

Whether Joshua is to be trusted or not is a question that baffles everyone since he doesn’t use the sword. 

While all this is going on, Cain asks Joshua for suggestions on how to find his true love. However, a messenger interrupts them about the arrival of a guest. And the rest is to be revealed in the next chapters. 

Important Characters in Chapter 110

The characters in the Return of the Legendary Spear Knight chapter 110, are:

  • Joshua Sanders

  • Princess Sirsiarin

  • Maid Ellen

  • Jaken

  • Baron Sanders

  • Marcus

  • Duke Aden von Agnus

  • Cain

Each of these characters holds a special position as they move the storyline forward. Their thoughts are presented with the same complexity as those of the knights and dukes. 

There is a mystery regarding the situation of Princess Sirsiarin and the guest who is visiting Joshua at the end of this chapter. 

Artwork and Illustration

Clever writing and a captivating story become even more interesting with beautiful artwork. This is true of the Unrivaled Spear Knight. 

Though many readers wondered why Joshua was drawn like a teenager and doubted its worthiness to the Empire. 

However, the battles that he fought and the internal monologues completely match his personality. 

The clear lines are expressive, the colors are according to the rank of the characters, and the overall illustrations do not disappoint.

Final Thoughts

Many people had huge expectations from the Return of the Legendary Spear Knight, chapter 110. 

The story has kept its mystery, but it lacks some depth, and the story seems to be limited to one scene around the banquet hall. 

While readers of action and fantasy expect a lot more movement, this chapter feels more like a silence before the storm. 

As long as the story matches the enigma of Joshua Sanders, fans will definitely turn to the next chapter to know how the hero wins the battles.