The aesthetic appeal of diamond and gemstone jewelry allures almost everyone, especially women. Jewelry from different eras has its distinct features. Jewelry pieces you own can be contemporary, vintage or antique. Whether you have bought jewelry pieces or you inherited heirloom jewelry, you must get a jewelry appraisal.

There are several reasons why you need jewelry appraisal services. A few of the common reasons include insurance, estate management and selling. 

Let’s know some of the popular types of appraisals:

Vintage Jewelry Appraisal 

The vintage jewelry has a captivating charm. The jewelry from this period was properly marked, mentioning the carat weight of the precious metal used. Getting an online jewelry valuation can let you know all the details about your vintage piece, including precious stones along with the true value of the piece. 

Most of the gorgeous vintage jewelry pieces crafted from the 1930s to 1940s featured pearls. It is essential to know if the pearls in your piece are natural or cultured (man grown). Natural pearls undoubtedly have a higher value in the market as they are rare. The cultured pearls too look aesthetically appealing and they can be given the desired shape, size and color during the culture process. But in value, they can’t be compared with the natural pearls.

Prestige Valuation is a trustworthy appraisal company that offers jewelry appraisal services for insurance, estate management and selling purposes. Apart from the online jewelry valuation, they also provide handbag and watch appraisal services.  

Contemporary Jewelry Appraisal

Be it an engagement ring or a bracelet, contemporary jewelry is designed considering modern aesthetics. Modern jewelry items have hallmarks mentioning the carat weight and purity. Modern-day jewelry designers use trendy cuts to shape gemstones like concave cut and princess cut. 

Such modern cuts, reflect more light through the gemstones. In the concave cut facets are curved so that they scatter more light into the interior of the gem than standard flat facets. The princess cut is mostly used for the creation of diamond rings.   

Antique Jewelry Appraisal

When you own an heirloom jewelry passed down to you by your grandparents, you own antique pieces. The timeless antique piece you have might not have a hallmark, in that case, it is recommended to seek help of jewelry appraisal services to know its materials and accurate value. 

An expert appraiser will try to find any interesting history associated with the piece. The appraiser will also assess the precious metal and gemstones to know their weight, size and quality. They will also find out the style of your antique piece, such as Victorian, empire, Art Nouveau, regency or Art Deco. They will study the features and gemstones’ cuts and the quality of materials used. After assessing the piece, they will determine the true current market value of your antique jewelry. 

Synthetic gemstones have been around in the market since the 1800s. Initially, synthetic gems were used in electrical devices but later even the jewelry industry started using them. Getting an online jewelry valuation will ensure that the diamonds or gemstones (rubies, emeralds, sapphires or any other stones) studded in your jewelry piece are not lab grown.

Artists’ Jewelry Appraisal

Renowned artists like Pablo Picasso also used to create statement jewelry pieces for their near and dear ones. Since such beautiful jewelry pieces have been crafted by the renowned artists, they hold high value in the market. If you are a collector of such art pieces or you inherited them, then it is suggested you get them appraised. After a jewelry appraisal by an expert, you can find out whether your jewelry items are precious art pieces crafted by legendary artists like Niki de Saint Phalle or Alexander Calder or not.